Monday, June 15, 2009


Came across this on another blog and I'm playing along!


1) I love watching The Disney Channel. Because of Hubs profession (psychologist), we don't watch the news (which is what I used to watch to put me to sleep before we got married) so we decided we needed something light and fun, so we usually either fall asleep to Hanna Montana or Wizards of Waverly Place.

2) We TiVo the aforementioned shows and sometimes I watch them while shoving clothes into drawers folding laundry.

3) As a child, I would pretend that the boy I was crushing on could see me all the time. This helped me watch what I eat, sit up straighter in class, and smile more often.

4) I cash my reimbursement checks from work and keep the money to buy $1 ice cream cones so Hubs doesn't know I eat them when he's not around.

5) Through someone else's Facebook account, I was able to see pictures of an ex-boyfriend (OK, I only have 2 serious exes so it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out who that is) and he has a beautiful family and he hasn't gained one damn pound. I mean really, who goes 13 years without gaining ANY weight. Bastard.

6) Occassionally I throw away some of Hubs clothes without his knowledge.

7) I don't go to the lady doctor like I should. It's been...well, years.

Need to get something off your chest? Play along!



Your blog is too cute! I LOVE PINK! I also throw away my hubby's clothes w/o him knowing LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog! ;) Have a fabulous day!

Isabel Princes

Nothing makes me more jealous than seeing someone look the same or better than they did in high school. I guess I'm still bitter over my 65lb weight gain... I'll be skipping my reunion this year, fo sho.
Thanks for stopping by!


PS- in regards to your not crying comment, it totally reminded me of Cameran Diaz in the movie The Holiday. LOVE that movie! :)


Wizards of Waverly Place huh? No ICarly one of my favorites. :)
Great list Thanks for sharing


Great list....I am still laughing that you chuck some of hubby's clothes!!!!!! Hee hee!

Happy FMM!


OMGosh, I've done #3 before! Once I didn't fart for a year!
(Kidding. It was only 3 months.)

Wrong to have an ex look better than you. I'm sure it was photoshopped or something.

However, you must make an appointment with your Lady Dr. first thing in the morning. I may just bookmark this post and leave a new, nagging comment every day until you do so.
Welcome to FMM - that's what friends do.


I hate to say it but I have an episode of Hannah Montana and two of Wizards of Waverly Place on my Ipod. heh.

Connie Weiss

i want ice cream....

Don't you worry...pretty soon you are going to be the hottest housewife in St. Louis....wait, I mean on Facebook!


Some people do #3 with GOD.