Monday, July 13, 2009

I can't seem to find much to blog about these days. Work and fun consume my time, so that doesn't leave time for much else. Having said that, I'm contemplating starting a health care blog. A blog where I can express my thoughts on health care, especially considering all of the attention and urgency that seems to surround that topic these days.

I've even gone so far as to design a banner for my not-yet established blog (nothing too fancy-schmancy). I don't want to reveal it b/c I don't want someone stealing it before I actually put the blog together.

The reason I'm contemplating another blog is because 1) I barely keep up with this one, am I delusional thinking I could have yet another blog? and 2) everything you do online is traceable and I'd hate to say or do something that someone could construe as me representing my company, rather than just giving my opinion. If I did have one, it would likely be anonymous (except that I would email you the link if you really wanted to follow me....). So, email me if you want to follow my not-yet established health care blog. If/When I start it, I'll let you in on the secret.

OK, onto the real blog for today. Another edition of Friend Makin' Monday:

List 5-10 of your favorite things!

These can be things you think everyone must have, a collection of things you have, or some product or miracle invention that has changed your life's YOUR list of favorite things...HERE are a SOME of mine!

NFL Football (especially The Colts)
I love watching football! Sunday afternoons in the fall are probably my favorite thing in the world. Football with chili and a fire in the fireplace...I'm in Heaven!

Cruises are my escape. In this day and age of cell phones, texting, and non-stop emailing, being out in the middle of the ocean surrounded by beautiful Caribbean blue water with the sun shining down on me is the best get-away I can imagine. If we vacation to Florida or Seattle or New England, as much as I try, I have a difficult time "cutting the cord" from my mobile device. I check work email, personal email, and I text all week. On a cruise is the only time I truly allow myself to be untouchable. It's fantastic and truly a mental break for me. On a cruise, my favorite thing is lying in bed at night with the balcony door open, listening to the waves crash against the ship, and falling asleep to the gentle rocking of the ship.

Several people have tried talking us into an all-inclusive resort (instead of a cruise), but the things I love about a cruise are unique to cruising. We'll try a resort...someday.

My Laptop
Despite my aforementioned desire to escape from technology, I really do love my laptop! It's not a Mac (I've never even see a Mac in real life!), but I love it anyway! I love reading blogs and finding new friends online. I used to read up on politics and the news more, but when I committed to simplifying my life, those two were the first things to go. I'd rather find a new, interesting blog than read about what idiotic policies some brain dead politician is trying to force through Congress.


I love, love, love our dog, Cooper. I actually feel sorry for people that have a dog that isn't Cooper. He is such a good dog! He's well trained, fun loving, laid back, engaging, loveable little guy. I'm trying to think about anyone that has stayed the weekend with us that hasn't asked us if they could steal him. At Camp Bow Wow, he is dubbed the Wal-Mart greeter since he is known for welcoming the new dogs into the pack. When a dog is dropped off at Camp, he walks over to them, sniffs them up and down, walks them over to the crowd, introduces the dog, then walks away once they are settled in. He is also used as an interview dog since he's such a good dog. Even though he's a good size, he is anything but intimidating.
He doesn't bark except when we're in the basement and someone rings the door bell. Thats the ONLY time he barks.

I love shoes, purses and jewelry. I actually have a very plain wardrobe because I dress outfits up with accessories. Thats the biggest challenge when I travel. I tend to pack 5-7 pair of shoes and 1-2 purses.

One of my other favorite things to do besides cruising is to go to a local bookstore, find a few interesting books, grab a latte or fruit smoothie and read parts of each book while sitting in the big comfy chairs. I usually pick up books that I wouldn't normally purchase. Or, I'll read a book that teaches me about something. It's quiet and relaxing.

Organizing Things
I love most things related to organization. Bins, totes, sorters, boards, anything that is used to keep me organized. I could spend my whole life at The Container Store and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. *confession time* Even during a "quick" run into Target for something, I'll take a small detour through the organization section on my way to the check out lane! I go out of my way to see whats new!

I just realized that most things on my list aren't really "things" tangible things. It's more things I like doing. Thats OK, right??! Hubs says I'm too practical to have "things" that I love :) He's right! I'd rather spend my money making memories rather than buying things.


Christie in Dallas, TX

Fun list! I kind of ditched the "inventions and collections" and just went with things that I love... I think I'm going to add Cooper to my list now -- even though we've never met, I'm starting to think that I really love your dog too! :-)


Bitter Sweet Moments

What a great list!! You have a cute blog:) Happy FMM!!!


Just one question/comment:Does hubs ever blog??


You are my twin, huh? I've never cruised, but I'm sure if I did, it'd be my favorite thing for sure! I want to!
Accessories, love.
Bookstores, LOVE.
Organizing, love!


I like to do the same things in bookstore as you do.
Nice list.

Connie Weiss

You are lucky that you have Cooper...i think he is unusual and fabulous.

I'm afraid of cruising because I think me and hubby would get too drunk and he would throw me off a balcony.

I love the Broncos. And Shoes. And Purses.

I also look at organizing containers every time I go to walfart or tar-get. You are so my people!


It's totally OK to love intangibles more than things! After all, when we're all old and gray, it's those memories that will be so much more valued than some dumb old "thing"! :)


There's one glaring omission from your list of favorite things - - - CRAIG!