Saturday, July 19, 2008


Seattle. It's a beautiful city. The weather is perfect (high 70's) and the company is even better.

Jill and I attended pre-conference training classes today. We met up with Gene, my good friend from last year's conference.

Tonight we headed out into the city and walked about a gazillion blocks and ended up at Von's American Grill. There was a very large, professional banner hanging outside the entrance that read, "No Budweiser. We only serve American beer." Ouch.

Despite the fact that I couldn't get my beloved Bud Light, we popped in from dinner. I ordered a dirty martini, extra dirty. Yum. I started a trend, as both Jill and Gene ordered one, too.



I enjoyed the "St. Louis style" baby back ribs; Jill and Gene both had the prime rib.


During dinner, I got a phone call from Jim, a good college friend. He had a beer question for me and then I mentioned the phone call Hubs got recently from Katherine, another college friend, sorta inviting us on their Las Vegas trip in September. Hubs isn't sure if Katherine called to invite us or not, but Hubs decided during the conversation that it sounded fun, so we're kinda planning on going :)

I mentioned this to Jim and he was quite excited. Hopefully it all works out so we can join up with them in LV.

During dinner, we found out that there isn't a name for anyone that's from Seattle. Are they Seattlites? Seattelians? We asked the waiter, who is a life long Seattle resident, what they call themselves. His response, "awesome."

And there you have it.

Tomorrow is a day filled with more classes along with the Welcome Reception tomorrow evening. The actual conference starts Monday and ends Tuesday afternoon. We fly out Wed morning.

The two hour time difference is kicking my butt.

Hopefully, Seattle won't expose us to any inner city run-ins like we witnessed last year!




you should give bret and sara a call while you are in seattle


I am loving your new place! It looks great!
I have never been to Seattle, but it is a place I would to visit. The high 70's in the middle of July! That's divine. I'm stuck in the sauna that is none as Alabama.