Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vegas Funness

We had a wonderful time in Vegas this weekend! A group of us from around the country met up in Sin City for a mini-vacay. Jim and his partner, Nathan, plus Katherine and her british beau, Rob, met up with me, Hubs and Lauren Friday night. After dropping off our bags and freshing up at our hotel (Trump Tower), we hit the strip and enjoyed dinner at the beautiful Venetian. We walked through several other hotels before settling down at a bar in the Bellagio where Lauren tried her hand (and heart) at blackjack. The evening ended with a marriage proposal from a Marine and we called it a night shortly after 2am.

Three hours later, I awoke and was ready to go again! But, not before enjoying a bath in the ENORMOUS bathroom! Jim took pictures of the room and promised he'd send them to me. I'll post those when I get 'em. Besides the high quality blender in the suite, I was most impressed by the television that was IN the mirror in the bathroom. It was sa-weet.

We met up for a fantastic lunch buffet with Shandra and Steve (who live in Vegas now where Shandra is a CSI with the LV Police Department!). We hit the slots at New York New York then stopped by the liquor store on our way back to our hotel. We took a nap then I played bartender for the group, whipping up Pina coladas and margaritas in the room. Later that night, we made our way to Paris where we enjoyed dinner Asia.

We watched several of the light shows outside the Bellagio befor heading into the beautiful casino for some drinks.

I got a total of 9 hours of sleep in two nights and my legs are very sore from all of the walking, but I have memories I'll remember forever! It was great seeing college friends and we celebrate Laurie's birthday in style.

The new camera took some wonderful pictures. I can't get over how vivid the colors are in some of the pics. Enjoy a few of my favorites:

Trump Tower

Wynn Hotel


Palazzo Lobby


So much has changed in the few years since we've been to Vegas. I'm going to admit, this is the first time we've stayed in a nice hotel on the strip. Trump Tower was absolutely gorgeous and we're very thankful Katherine and Jim invited us!





What? The first nice hotel you stayed at? Since when does the Westward Ho not count as a "nice hotel?" I guess some people just forget where they come from. :)


It does sound you had a blast! And that pic of Trump Tower...Magnifique!




That sounds so awesome!

I have been to vegas ONCE. We had our 7 month old with us and I was 4 months pregnant!

I have plans of someday leaving the kids' with whoever decides to visit us and running off to Vegas with the hubby!


I think I'm in love with your camera too!! Those pictures are awesome... Glad you guys had fun!!