Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's what I do

A few things I'm working on:

1) Christmas Planning- it's coming along. I'm not as far along as I'd like to be, but I'm getting there. My primary goal at this point is to focus on the annual Christmas Card. I'm wondering what upcoming events we could take a picture at to use for the card. I'm pretty much done updating my address list. Throughout the year, I keep all of the "we've moved" emails in a folder in Outlook and as we approach the holidays, I match those emails against my Excel spreadsheet that has a tab for our Christmas List. It's actually the list we used for our wedding invites back in 2004 and each year I copy the spreadsheet into a new tab and update it. It's fun seeing how the list has evolved over the years. Nearly everyone from our wedding list is still on the Christmas Card list- but the Christmas list is much bigger than our wedding list. We've added names of friends we've made over the years (and, friends we've reconnected with...mainly Zein!)

2) Home Inventory. I've been wanting to do this for a while now and just this morning downloaded free software to inventory our household goods. Its software that you use to store information that would be extremely valuable if anything were to happen to your home (break in, fire, flood, tornado, etc). My goal is to inventory one room every few weeks. I photograph several angles of the room and then inventory the large or hard to replace items (electronics, pictures, etc). I don't worry about inventorying the little things (knickknacks and such). I inventoried most of the living room today. I just need to find receipts for the furniture and the big screen TV so I can scan those into the program.

3) Get-Rid. This time of year is perfecting for purging and getting rid of excess in the home. Hubs and I have clothing that we need to part with; No matter how delusional we are in thinking we can ever fit into them again, reality is, the clothing needs to go. And fast.

Those are what keep me busy right now. Of course, we're all preparing for the arrival of Jennie and Ben's little one who is scheduled to bless us sometime in the next 4 weeks. They had another baby shower last night that Ben's family hosted. My favorite part of the evening was sitting outside in the cold enjoying the fire pit and catching up with Ben's sisters. They're a great family.

Time to get the day started in the usual Sunday fashion- Sunday ads from the paper and a glass of milk.



I hope you've kept track of me :) I love getting cards from the lotz crew!


Great job! We need to do a home inventory...but I have not gotten around to it. Can't wait to check out the software.


You are WAY TOO organized to be part of this family. Tho, I did do some cleaning out and sorting yesterday. Check my blog later on for more details.
Glad to hear the shower went well. Did you have to rent a UHAUL to get everything across the river?
While photographing - please do a couple of the dress. THANX.


Like your new look.


I'm glad I'm on the list :)


Where are you? I was expecting a political post from you. :)


jessie,jessie,jessie...I just finished picking on your VERY pregnant sister (or did she hide bens basketball under there?) Now it is time for me to say hello to you and say a great good luck to the soon to be auntie!!

Much love...your east coast cousin,