Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Elf gear

I had other plans for tonight, but due to a scheduling mix up with the organization, I'm free tonight and have rescheduled the event for another evening.

I guess it works out because I have a nice pot roast I'm making for dinner.

My Christmas gear is helping me get into the holiday spirit....

I love toe socks. I know they freak some people out, but they keep me so toasty and warm!

In the pic, I'm wearing jeans and my half apron, which was my outstanding purchase this weekend. I already have 2 other aprons (which desperately need a good washing) but I saw this half apron and really wanted it. I rarely wear a full apron properly. I usually fold it in half and tie it around my waist b/c the "halter" top of most aprons really bothers me when I'm cooking. So, this super cute half apron is just what I need.

It's very Bree from DH.

Now, if I could only be a size -2 and have glowing red hair, I'd be set!




Hey Jessica!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your house is beautiful!! Oh and God Bless Your Brother!! My brother is a Iraq Vet and they are such heros. I love our troops!! Im praying for him!!


So did Cooper choose to have his toes in the picture too? Or was that your doing? :)


Cooper decided he wanted in on the fun.

I took a few different pics and on the last one, Cooper stretched out and got his little paws in the pic.

of course, thats the one i just HAD to post :)