Sunday, December 14, 2008

What to do

What do you do when Facebook suggests you add your college arch nemesis as a friend?

Do you laugh in Facebook's face?

Do you ignore the suggestion?

Or, do you just smile and remember that you are who you are because of everything you've encountered in life, both good and bad?




HA HA HA!! You either laugh or cry... I vote laugh :)

Connie Weiss

IGNORE! I added a gal from high school ( we were on again off again friends) and I don't think I like her knowing my business.

Why aren't we friends on facebook?

Off to stalk/find you on facebook! :)


Um, you can start by emailing me the story. I have one that rivals it. Let's just say "college boyfriend."


OMG...please tell me you are talking about brown bag special!!! I love it...and btw facebook has suggested several ex-boyfriends...don't do it...its a disaster waiting to happen!!!