Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Therapy

My blog (LM) needs a therapist. It's true, she told me so.

LM recently began wondering if she was meant to be a Blogger blog and not a Wordpress blog. She feels like she's a Blogger mind trapped in a Wordpress body and she needs help.

She thinks that if she were a Blogger blog that I would dress her up more. Wordpress is nice, but it's sooooooo much work, especially for me since I'm a self-taught web designer and I still don't understand most of what I've accomplished.

Maybe if LM was a Blogger blog, she would get a facelift every few months like she wants.

But, I don't necessarily want to make the switch if I can't import LMs previous posts. We have a long history together and I can't just toss that history aside.

And, what if I switch her over and then I can't do as much designing with Blogger as I thought??

Anyone know a good blog therapist? LM needs help. Badly.