Saturday, October 18, 2008

I regress


Regress: –verb (used without object)

1. to move backward; go back.
2. to revert to an earlier or less advanced state or form.

Thats me. Here's why:

I went back to using a paper organizer/calendar.

In college, I used a student planner religiously. It accompanied me everywhere. As an involved college student, I often had numerous meetings to attend after class, so to help keep myself organized, I used a planner. But not just any planner, I needed the Student kind- the ones that list the entire month over two pages, and then lay out each week of that month over the next few pages. I needed to see the entire month-at-a-glance as well as have enough space to write a good amount of information down on each day. I LOVED the organizers I had in college. I loved them so much, I kept them. They're in my basement in the single box that houses my college memories.

After college, life slowed down considerably when I started working; therefore, the need to keep a calendar dwindled and I eventually gave it up. In 2005 when I became the Practice Administrator at my clinic, I found myself needing to regain that balance which an organizer provides, but it was 2005, so a paper organizer wouldn't do. I needed a handheld device. Hence, I purchased my first all-in-one and have had once ever since. I really like it, but I find it very difficult to get that "at-a-glance" view of my week/month that comes with using a paper organizer.

Although I also have a paper calendar on our fridge, I needed a portable one so I could schedule things on the fly.

During our trip to FL recently, I found the perfect calendar at the bookstore, so I used my contingency money to buy it. I also have colored pens I use to organize the events that fill the pages of the calendar:

Life has become easier to plan with the help of my Time.Mine calendar. Twice a week, I sync it with the calendar on the frige.

Obviously, I still have my handheld (it's also my cell phone), but I don't put my social events in that anymore. Its much, much easier to keep track of life with the paper organizer.

But please don't tell my former boss. I poked fun at him mercilessly for keeping a paper organizer as long as he did. Guess I learned a thing or two from him afterall...




I'm still a pen & paper girl. There is nothing like it. And I heart that organizer!