Sunday, November 30, 2008

To Do

I love this time of year for several reasons....the atmosphere of giving and focus on others, family time, Christmas decorations...I could go on and on.

I think I particularly like this time of year because it feeds my "to do" list compulsion. The Holiday season is ripe with opportunities to list things.

I keep them organized in my daily planner (remember that I made the switch back to a paper based planner recently)

A few lists I have right now include:

1) Items to pick up when I brave Garden Ridge later today
2) Christmas Eve dinner menu
3) Christmas Eve dinner grocery list (see that- a list item that generated another those)
4) Christmas Eve timeline and reminders
5) "To do" between now and Christmas

Occasionally, someone challenges my listing tendencies, suggesting that I can't be as productive because I spend too much time making my lists. I don't really argue with their point because:

1) they're wrong (as evidenced by the amount I regularly get accomplished)
2) arguing with them takes time away from:

a) being productive
b) time I could be spending updating a list!

I realize my listing lifestyle isn't everyone's cup of tea and I'm OK with that. To each his own, right? Now, time to put some of those lists into action.

P.S. I got new glasses yesterday and I'm in love with them! Hubs wasn't real hip on them at first, but numerous times throughout the day, he would mention how much he really likes them. I hope to post a pic or two later.



I've taken to making lists - even if I forget to bring them with me when I am out and about, I have a better chance of remembering what I need because I've written it at least once.


We must have both gotten the "list" gene because I do the same thing. All the cool kids make To Do lists!


I see that you're going to be in KY at the first of the year. Eliz should be in Louisville, too. We should get together for lunch or something!

Connie Weiss

You are my people!

I love my lists so much that I created a binder just for them...and my recipes for the holidays. It is working out GREAT!


Well, you know how I feel about lists. :)

We have a Garden Ridge now! I heart that place.

I wanna see the glasses.