Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I need...

I'm totally ganking this idea from Connie, who admittedly gangked it from Julie.

They googled "Connie needs" and "Julie needs" and found a list of all kinds of things they apparently need.

I did this and according to Google, here's what Jessica needs:

Jessica needs coffee. Each and every morning like clockwork.

Jessica needs to stop dressing like a slut. Hey! To each his own. This surprised me because I cover up (mostly because there are laws protecting citizens from such sights as me dressing in relatively little clothing).

Jessica needs a bigger Al-bra. WTH is an Al-bra? And, does this in any way relate to the fact that I need to stop dressing like a slut?

Jessica needs your help. Um, probably not. Unless the help you offer is in the form of a daily full body massage for the rest of my life. Then yes, I need your help!

Jessica needs to put some clothes on. Holy crap kids! I get the message. Calm down.

Connie also Googled what she wants, so here we go...

Jessica wants to get rough. No comment.

Jessica wants one night stands to experiment with sex. I'm starting to think of other names I like more than Jessica.....

Jessica wants six kids. Well, clearly if I want one night stands, then it's a real possibility that I'll want six kids. Good grief this is getting rough. Oh wait, apparently I want it rough.

Jessica wants to play the leading man in a movie. Even if I wanted to, I can't because apparently I dress too slutty.

Well, wasn't that a fun trip down Google lane?

What I hoped would be a light hearted internet exercised quickly turned into a quest for self-preservation.

I wonder what Hubs wants....

Craig wants to go nude in the first Bond film......

Oh Lord.



Connie Weiss

LOL! That was great! I love these!

Keith needs his @ss kicked! LOL!


umm... I thought maybe I would steal this idea for my blog... but I tried it and I don't think I can put the answers up on mine :)


OMG! I just Googled you and Oh my!

You're right, you can't post your answers!

Connie Weiss

hmmmm....and I thought all Polly would need is a cracker. LOL!