Monday, December 8, 2008

RIP Rascal

Today our family cat left his earthly life and is resting peacefully in Kitty heaven.

It was rather unexpected. On Thanksgiving, we were over at my parents house and Rascal did not look good. He was very thin and was moving slowly. A trip to the vet revealed he was in acute renal (kidney) failure. Poor little guy.

No idea why or how.

He spent several days at the vet, receiving fluids in hopes of decreasing his insanely elevated blood levels. His blood work never returned to normal and we knew he was in pain.

I'm going to miss the little guy. So is Shea. She's going to be a mess without her male friend around to keep her company.

RIP buddy. We love you!



Connie Weiss

I'm sorry! Goodbye Rascal!

P.S. I got your Christmas card...freakin hilarious! Loved it!


I'm sorry to hear that, Jessica. I know how hard it is to lose a four-legged member of your family.


Awwww... bye Rascal! Enjoy the big scratching post in the sky :)


RIP Rascal. You will be missed.


It is VERY hard to lose our 'furry children', but he is no longer in pain & that is what counts.