Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where we are

Like most of our friends and family, we've experienced quite a bit of winter weather 'round here. Cooper has especially enjoyed the cold, white, fluffy stuff :)

I snapped a few pictures yesterday and today. We averaged about 6 inches in the last 24 hours. The clinic opened late today due to the weather. I've not slept well the last two nights b/c I have to wake up and decide whether to open the clinic. Afraid I would sleep through my 5:00am alarm, I pretty much woke up every hour on the hour starting about midnight until 4:30am when I decided to just get up b/c I wasn't sleeping anyway.

I'm hoping with the inclement weather behind us, I'll sleep better tonight.

Here are a few pics...enjoy! (notice the snow on Coopies nose in the second picture...he's so dang cute!)

Our patio table out back

Cooper Dooper

My car outside the office at about 6 am today

A picture I snapped on the drive home last night from Scott and Robin's house around 11:30pm. I thought the night was so beautiful; I had to capture it.
(P.S. we got a lot more snow after this picture was taken!)

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Connie Weiss

That looks a lot like Utah right now.

I snowed all day again today....


Dang cute is right! I just wanna squeeze him!

If it snowed like that here, life would come to a complete stop.


Ours was pretty when it was snowing - I had yesterday off (love being "non-essential") but then it turned to rain and EVERY flat surface is coated in an inch of solid ice. Walking to my car this morning was a test of nerves. ENOUGH ALREADY!