Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My new favorites

I have two favorite new gadgets.

1- The Z-Pen digital pen I got for Christmas. It's a pen that digitally remembers what I wrote and then plugs into my PC and downloads the notes I took and saves either as an image or as a PDF. I LOVE IT! I use it all the time at work. There is also OCR capabilities, but I haven't installed the software to do that. Its working just as I need it to, so why bother :)

2- The Magic Bullet (get your mind out of the's a blender).

I make no less than 2 fruit smoothies a day (usually one for me and one for Hubs). They're soooo quick and easy using TMB. You literally put the ingredients into the cup, screw on the blade, blend for about 10 seconds, and then take off the blade, put on the colored ring and drink! I cut up the fruit before I put it in the cup (helps it fit better), but you don't even have to do that. You could just throw in strawberries and 2 banana halves, add crushed ice and some OJ...blend and BAM!

I've also made hummus and guacamole using TMB.

My favorite thing is that the blender becomes the mug. You don't blend the ingredients and then pour the smoothie into a cup.

My Sister-in-love asked for one for Christmas, so before we purchased it for her, I got online to research it b/c I didn't know what TMB was or how it worked. Then when we tripped down to KY for New Years, I picked one up (on a whim) at Costco. The mother-in-love got one, too. I couldn't be happier with this snap decision purchase!

Without a doubt, it is one of the best purchases I've made in a long time.

They cost about $50...but if you catch a sale, you can get 'em for less than $40.

It's definitely worth the price. I use mine twice a day, MINIMUM. I've already used it 3 times today :)

The most difficult part of eating healthy is keeping enough fruit around to make the smoothies. I've already RUN OUT of strawberries and bananas...TWICE! Seriously, how many of you ever imagined I would complain about not having enough FRUIT around?

You can make much more than just smoothies. Besides the aforementioned hummus and guacamole, you can also make salsa, chop onions, veggies, etc for salads, recipes, salad dressing and a lot more.

I'm in love!



I can tell you don't stay up late! I have seen the infomercial for TMB a gazillion times. I have wanted to get one & knowing someone who uses it & loves it, makes me want one even more.


yay for a new blog post! yay for being healthy! yay for fun gadgets! My new favorite thing is my teacher-bag that can carry 450 million different things at the same time :) Now if only I could lift it....


Haven't you seen their tacky infomercials on TV? To hear them talk you'd think it did everything except make your bed. Glad you're having fun with it. Bet they make great Mud Slides!

Connie Weiss

I just started making smoothies and we are looking for a new high powered blender because ours gets very tired while blending.

Have you ever used frozen fruit in it? I will never run out of bananas because my kids love them for breakfast but they will only eat half and they won't share ONE. So...I take the other half that is left over and freeze it. I also have tons of frozen strawberries and blueberries that were fixin to go bad last summer that we couldn't eat fast enough.

I'm still planning to make Oprah's shake....but I don't think my current blender can handle it!

Great tip about the pen! What a great invention!


I've ordered a zpen for me and my boss. We can't wait to get them and try them out.