Tuesday, March 3, 2009

She's headache free!

This is what a headache free mom looks like!

If you've been following my moms surgery story on facebook, then you know the surgery went well but she's had a monster, non-stop headache ever since.

Late this afternoon, anesthesiology came by and confirmed it was likely a spinal headache (from the anesthesia yesterday). About 30 minutes ago they took her downstairs where she got a blood patch.

And now... She's headache free!

She's like a whole new person! She has said that she could handle the hip pain OR the headache, but not both. Now that shes headache free, shes energetic, smiling and HUNGRY!

We're so thankful shes back to being Mom :)

Thanks to all for the happy thoughts and prayers!


Connie Weiss

So glad they finally showed up to give her some relief!


Now THAT'S my sister! ...and I'm so happy. We'll talk soon!