Monday, February 16, 2009

It's in the bag baby!

Connie wants to see what in my bag. She thinks I'm organized or something.

I own a Butler bag, as seen on Oprah (don't hold that against me).

Here's my purse and all of its contents (read the list, even I can't believe some of the stuff in my purse- click for larger images). I enjoyed doing this because it gave me the chance to clean it out:

  1. Pink Wallet
  2. Animal Print Wallet
  3. Business Card for Lisa from Budgetude
  4. My Planner
  5. Packaged Pens (different colors since I color coordinate my planner)
  6. Advil
  7. Visine
  8. Chapstick
  9. 3 bags of my daily pills (half empty- see my Facebook "25 Things" to learn how I tend to not finish things- this includes my pills!)
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Stack of mail
  12. My high school report card (long story about why this is in my purse)
  13. A reimbursement check from work
  14. My Sirius Stiletto
  15. Two containers of hand sanitizer
  16. Package of emery boards
  17. Nametag for the Chamber of Commerce
  18. A frog pin that a friend gave me
  19. Contact case
  20. Cell phone
  21. Vera Bradley makeup bag
  22. AZO pills (for my used-to-be-frequent UTIs...have only had ONE in the past 2 years, but I still carry the pills with me "just in case")
  23. Hair clip
  24. 3 sets of keys
  25. A funny birthday complete with a stamped envelope (I carry it around so I can drop a card in the mail at the last minute if need be)
  26. Checkbook with the "Checking" account label (I LOVE labels!)

The last pic is the "after" picture-- I got to put everything back in and its a little more organized now. Thanks Connie!


Connie Weiss

I love it! I just *knew* that you were super organized! I am so impressed that you had all of that in that beautiful purse!

Thanks for playing!

The Flip Flop Mamma!

If I did this, people would be disgusted by the amount of crumbs at the bottom of mine. hahaha.

Your purse is cute!!!! And hey, is my Christmas card in there, because I STILL haven't gotten it!!! LOL


That's all that's in there! Actually it's way too heavy - I know - I've lifted it. You're going to pull your back out some day just going out your office door!