Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Recap

Finishing up a nice weekend. We got a lot of things done; set up the TiVo "at Grandmas," got the towel ring hung in the new bathroom, hit the grocery store, visited Lisa and her new baby, Hannah, saw The Dark Knight (loved it!), and rented "21" (enjoyed it, too, although I fell asleep at the end, big shocker, I know).

As soon as my room is closer to being done, I'll post pictures. I plan on hanging several shelves that I'll use to display my collection of tacky picture frames from places I've visited.

This will be a busy week at work. I put together a Care Calendar for Lisa and her family (so people can bring them dinner!) and signed up to take them chicken enchiladas tomorrow night (I made them for us for tonight, so I cut extra veggies, chicken, cheese, etc so I'll just have to assemble them tomorrow during lunch). I also have several meetings and I purchased new reporting software, Crystal Reports, that will keep me very busy. There are few things more satisfying than data mining and coming up with good reports that show the quality care we provide at the clinic. As Alex would say, "it's amaaaaazing."

I've barely watched ANY television in several weeks. It's amazing how much I get done when I'm not sitting in front of the boob tube. It's also exhausting, though, to be going, going, going all of the time. I need to find that good balance :)

Timer just beeped...Dinner is served!




where's the sparkly??!


Did the sparkly turn green and rust?


Good luck with Crystal reports!