Saturday, August 2, 2008

Best Value in America

I have found the best value in America. It costs $1. And only $1.

Not $1.03 or $1.07...just $1.

And it's PERFECT this time of year.

It's the Dollar Cone from my local Gators Frozen Custard. I'm addicted to them. If I go a day or two without getting one, I can't focus.

For my October birthday, I'm contemplating asking for a soft serve ice cream machine ;)




I too have enjoyed this little value. Vanilla for regular days & CHOCOLATE for craving days. YUM-O!! ...And on the days that Gators is not open yet, I suggest the chocolate cake batter hand dipped ice cream from Ice Cream You Scream. SINFUL!!


I just had frozen custard on Saturday! It didn't cost a dollar but now that I have had it...I would pay any amount to have it again!


Don't have a Gators back East. But Friendly's or Uhlman's are a great substitute!